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How to get a CO with no roofer on the permit

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I was never issued a NTO from the GC roofer but was notified of a lien 4 months after the job started. I contested the lien and never received any response from the roofer in the 60 days period and still have not. All inspections on my new construction was done through a Private provider hired by my GC. This has been a 18 months process due all other liens and my builder not willing to care of his obligation. We have paid over $30,000 of other valid liens and other cost trying to get this construction finished on our own but under the builder permit. We are finally at the end stage and all inspections have pass including the roof but now was told by the PP and builder that we could not apply for the CO without a roofer attach to the permit and sign off on by the roofer which we can't get. The city of Cape Coral advised without this they never will be able to issue us a CO. This is on top of all the aggravations we went through the last 18 months from the lender not asking for liens waivers, been notified by us that the subs were not getting , finally stopping the draws , also agreeing for us to keep the construction going but not releasing the funds causing us law suit and costly attorney fees and penalty to the liens holders and also charging us more interest and extension penalties. Also we had to convince the city to ask the builders to ask for revisions to the original plans since the builder didn't follow them and the PP never inspected according to them either. Anyway just wondering how we can keep the roofer from holding up our CO.

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Nov 27, 2020

You may need to hire a new roofer who can come out, inspect, and determine if they are willing to be on the permit for this project. I also suggest that you contact an attorney to help you figure out all the different rights and remedies you may have to help recover some of those extra costs.

Nov 27, 2020
Thanks, Yes just can't seem to find one, and I have a attorney for the 11 months and has been no help.

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