I was recently involved in a hit and run, driver hit me a left the scene and denying that he hit me. Can I put a lien on 2 of his residential properties. I was told I can but not sure never have been involved in something like this.

Answered 2 months ago

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Matt Viator

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I'm very sorry to hear about that - it sounds like an awful situation. Unfortunately, I'm afraid this sounds a bit outside of our expertise at the Construction Legal Center - where we regularly discuss mechanics liens in the construction industry. While some sort of lien or encumbrance may eventually be available (via something like a judgment lien after winning an award of damages at court or small claims court), mechanics liens are utilized to secure payments that are owed but unpaid for construction work. There are some tools available online, however, that might be useful - such as Avvo or JustAnswer. At both sites, lawyers are available to answer legal questions on a variety of topics, beyond simply construction law. Good luck!

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