How often do you issue a preliminary notice for the same job?

2 weeks ago

If there is a gap between the job being done and services rendered by our company, do I have to issue another prelim for the same job and what is the time frame?

Legal Associate Levelset

Only one California 20-day preliminary notice is typically required. Although there may be a gap in the services provided, as long as the services rendered are all performed pursuant to one contract, then one notice will be sufficient. Even if the amount of work changes, as long as the work is under the same contract, a single notice will be enough to secure mechanics lien rights.

If however, the services are being provided for truly separate works of improvement, under separate contracts, then a new notice will be required 20 days after first providing labor or materials pursuant to the new contract.

For more information, head over to our Ultimate Guide to California’s 20-Day Preliminary Notice

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