how do I renew part ownership of a construction company that I am part of and help build as a projectionists and polytec

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I am a construction worker with my Grandfather Gilbert Rutherford years ago in a company he made me part owner of, since then my Grandfather died and his children has been harassing me on nukes that I don’t keep around my construction site,how do I take my legal right as owner and co-owner of the construction company and get rid of the relatives who are reniggling my corporate money in substitutions?

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The first step for securing your company would likely be to ensure that you’re listed as an owner of the business. And, checking the North Carolina Secretary of State site or contacting their office would be a great step for clarifying that information.

If you haven’t been named as an official part-owner, there’s still a chance you’d be able to prove your ownership and/or your grandfather’s intent to have you as a co-owner. But, you’d likely need some significant documentation to back up such a claim – like written statements from him, proof you’ve invested in the business, etc. Consulting with a local North Carolina attorney could be helpful for determining what kind of documentation may be sufficient as well as deciding on next steps going forward.

Finally, it looks like you may have double-posted this question. You can read the other question and answer here: How do I renew part ownership of a construction company that I am part of and help build?

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