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How do i get my payment from registered Mechanics Lien?

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I am the General Contractor for a project, in Hermosa Beach, I have spoken with the escrow office they told me directly that they see the registered lien but that the owner said to them that he would take care of the payment now with us, we have spoken to the owner, but he does not want to pay the total amount... since we were having a discussion I decided not to enforce lien nor thought to extend it, I am wondering now what do you believe is the best possible course of action now.

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Nov 29, 2022

If your lien has expired, that is, you recorded it more than 90 days ago and failed to file suit to enforce the lien, you may want to record another lien, so long as your right to do so has not yet expired, and this time file suit within 90 days of recording it. If you have no lien rights, you can still sue for breach of contract - 4 years on a written contract. You need to talk to a construction lawyer. Good luck.

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