How do I fill out the form Exhibit B (Interim Lien Waiver Form) Waiver and Release of Lien Upon Progress Payment

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Exhibit B Interim Lien Waiver Form, Florida,
Waiver and Release of Lien Upon Progress Payment…How to fill out this form? My husband has a construction company in FL. They want him to fill out this form.


Owner: (My husband’s Company Name ? )
General Contractor: Contractor’s Company Name

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Florida mechanics lien waivers are governed by Fla. Stat. §713.20. These need to be filled out as accurately as possible to ensure that they are valid. The state of Florida does provide statutory lien waiver forms, but the parties can agree to use their own forms if they choose to do so.

Typically, however, the “owner” refers to the owner of the property being improved. Here is a helpful guide on How to Find the Property Owner on a Construction Project.

As for the “general contractor” information, this is the contractor’s company name. Again, accuracy is key, so be sure to use the company’s full legal name (ex. Nike, Inc.)

Here are some additional resources that may prove useful:

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