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How do I file a lien in Texas and know the deadline?


I need to file a lien in TX and understand what deadlines apply

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Jun 11, 2021


There is a lot we would need to know to answer your question with more specificity. What type of project? When was the last time work was completed under the contract? Was a contract signed by all relevant parties? Etc.

Generally, mechanic's lien deadlines are found in Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code. The Property Code contains all the definitions and requirements for who can file what when and where it needs to be filed at. The deadlines are the 15th day of the third month for residential

Alternatively, Levelset is able to help you file liens. In addition to Levelset, you may also want to call a Construction Law attorney and set up a specific time to discuss. I only say that, not because it's complex but because there's enough to Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code that anyone is going to need the specifics of your situation in order to better assist you.

Feel free to reach out!

E. Aaron Cartwright III

Jun 11, 2021

You really need to retain a construction attorney to evaluate your legal position and to provide advice. The Texas mechanic's lien laws are rather convoluted and difficult to understand, and can change based on whether the project is commercial or residential, and where on the construction hierarchy you may be.

Good luck.


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