How do I file a lien for a property located in 2 counties?

10 months ago

If a property is located in two counties based off of the lease, do you need to record the lien in one or both counties?

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The Massachusetts mechanics lien statute doesn’t provide any guidance on how to file a mechanics lien against a property which lies on two separate counties. Rather, it simply requires that the lien be filed in the county where the property lies. So, unfortunately there’s no clear cut, black-and-white rule in how to proceed with a Massachusetts mechanics lien spanning multiple counties.

However, because a Massachusetts lien must be filed in the county where the property lies, a logical conclusion might be that the lien claim would need to be filed in both counties in order to be effective against land that lies in both counties.

Levelset discusses that idea in a little more detail here: File Two Mechanic Liens When Property Spans Two Counties.

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I would absolutely record in both counties.  It would be an error not to.  Please feel free to call me to discuss.




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