How do I calculate loss of efficiency due to out of sequence work?

1 month ago

I am trying to calculate manpower costs based off of out of sequence work and having a hard time coming up with a formula that works. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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There are a few different ways disruptions can be calculated, and the proper calculation will depend on some project specifics. The measured mile method seems to be the most popular way for calculating disruption, but I’ll admit I’m no expert on disruptions.

This article breaks down a few different methods and should be valuable to you: How Do Courts Measure Damages Related to Project Disruption? | Fox Rothschild. Additionally, here’s a good breakdown of the measured mile method from Gentry Locke: What is the Measured Mile? Additionally, we have construction finance professionals and construction business consultants here on the Expert Center – and contacting them could help, too.

Finally, this question sounds very similar to another one recently posted, which seems like it may have been a double post: How do I calculate loss of efficiency due to out of sequence work?

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