How can we get the money that’s in escrow for a lien that we filed?

7 months ago

We filed a mechanics lien and now the property sold and the money for the lien is in escrow, how can we recover the money?

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Generally, to obtain money that’s been set aside for the lien claim, it’d be a good idea to contact the parties who control that escrow fund. So, reaching out to the property seller might be helpful here. Or, potentially, getting ahold of the seller might help too. If it’s tough to reasonably discuss the matter with those parties, then being a bit more aggressive could help – and threatening to enforce the lien, or threatening to pursue other legal claims might make others take the debt more seriously.

If the parties who hold the escrow funds aren’t helpful, it might be wise to get a local Minnesota attorney involved. They may be able to review your project documentation or the communications regarding escrow then have a better idea as to how to get ahold of the funds.

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