How can I get paid what's due when it's due?

12 months ago

I am a subcontractor and the contractor I work under continually disputes my invoices and because of this, pays late, most of the time less than what he should. Do these laws above apply to me as a subcontractor?

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Yes. Construction lien laws due apply to you. The two most important documents you need to be familiar with are your subcontract and a notice to owner. You should send a notice to owner on every job. It will protect your lien right in case the contractor waits too long to pay. Your subcontract can also protect you, by giving you the right to stop work and take other actions to protect your company when the contractor fails to pay you. You can also setup other protection in your subcontract. You should consult with an attorney to accomplish this, but in the meantime, you can definitely utilize notices to owner to protect yourself.

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