How are your lien rights impacted if you deliver to a secure offsite warehouse specific for the project?

4 months ago

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Ultimately I assume your delivered materials and/or equipment were then transported to the project site for application/improvement, correct? If that’s the case, your rights aren’t negatively impacted. Be sure to file your Preliminary Notice within 30 days from the completion date, then your lien within 90 days from the last day of the completion month. The only way a supplier’s lien rights would be negatively impacted is if they’re unlicensed, in which case the right to lien is forfeited altogether.

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One other consideration is that, in order to be lienable, the materials must be incorporated into the real estate. In other words, one cannot lien for offsite materials. Once the materials are in fact installed/incorporated, they are subject to lien.

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