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Help on buying car from. Someone else personally

North CarolinaLawsuit

I just bought a car from someone else. They assured me that it only had sum clogged line. I send money befor car left there place of living I asked for money back because they didn't have title. They refused not I have a car that wount run had to have it towed from 4 hours away. To find out they are more wrong with car than what was said. I told them they refused again to take car back. Still no title. After talking to someone else saying they will send it that coming Monday. I get an email from this 3rd party saying that he would not send the car title until the guy I (fill forced me to take it) from finished paying for it. And yet again I was told no on giving car back. And now tells me no refund. What can I do about it I have all messages and emails.

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