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If my NOIL is due on Friday the 18, can I safely file on Thursday or do I need to file a few days in advance to allow for processing time?

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A contractor or supplier will send a notice of intent to lien only after work is completed and payment is overdue. The Notice of Intent to lien will be delivered to a party immediately before filing a construction lien, usually 10 or 30 days before filing.

Keep in mind that the NOI will not delay or extend your mechanics lien deadline. You need to file your lien before the lien filing deadline for your specific state.


I did not find an answer in your response, the verbiage you provided is also available on line and I had read it already. I just needed a specific answer.

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To answer broadly, if your state requires a notice of intent to lien before the specified deadline in which you stated, you may likely loose your right to file a mechanics lien if you don’t file a notice of intent before or at the deadline. Just make sure you file the notice of intent to lien before the deadline. Notice of intent to lien/mechanic lien deadlines are crucial to abide by to ensure your right to file a mechanics lien.

Can you please provide the state you are located so I can provide a more specific answer? Each state has different notice of intent to lien/lien deadlines which may affect the specific answer to your question.

I can also provide a list of construction lawyers in your state that may be able to further assist if needed.

Hope that helps!

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