Filing a lien for out of state work

6 months ago

If I’m licensed/registered business in Idaho can I file a lien on work performed in WA

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Washington is very strict about its licensing rules, and only licensed contractors are able to file mechanics liens in Washington state. And, as far as I can tell, Idaho and Washington don’t appear to have an agreement or system in place which allows licensed Idaho contractors to perform work in Washington. However, being unlicensed in Washington will only prevent filing a lien if the work that was performed requires licensure. So, it might be worth checking with a Washington licensing expert – like a licensing consultant or a Washington construction attorney – for more clarity on whether the work done requires licensure.

Still, the bottom line remains: If a licensed Idaho contractor performs work in Washington that requires a Washington contractor license, that Idaho contractor won’t be entitled to lien if they don’t hold the necessary Washington license.

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