during the process of mechanics lein how do/ how can my employees or subs insure to get paid immediately?

4 weeks ago

My company is 98% finished with a $24000.00 project. We have some simple punch list items and tuning of the newest efficient style air conditioners to complete start up of the systems. We did receive 10,000 in the beginning to help cover the 18,400, in equipment and materials.
1. What rights and actions can my employees and subs do to collect on their compensation immediately?
2. the homeowner who is a general contractor told my crew every time i wasn’t present that he would never pay any balance, would sue us at the end of the job, took his initial investment back via credit card reversal, said he had a restraining order to keep me from his project, claims that we have destroyed every shelf, cabinet, door, wall that we were near. Truth is we did drill one 2 inch through a wall that wasn’t needed however Bob is the one who showed us where to drill and claimed there would be a crawl space behind the wall yet was the kitchen. his blatant false accusations show the level and deceit he is willing to spew to rip us off. Defamation? Slander? Fraud?

My goal is to get my people paid asap,

Id like to give Bob the system he wanted, however now he wants to pay someone else a few hundred to startup the airconditioners now that the install is a few hours from completion.

Then of course Id like to receive the 14k I am owed {minus the subs/employees pay}…

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