Do RPA (rent to purchase) fall under the same or different lien rules?

8 months ago

We have clients who rent to purchase. Prior to converting, they reflect on our paper as rental invoices with the same bill dates. These rentals are still utilized on a project the same way. Would these fall under the same or different lien right rules?

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Mechanics lien rights will only be available to those who have performed work or provided materials to a construction project and gone unpaid for their work. So, a rent to purchase agreement wouldn’t fall under the same rules as a Washington mechanics lien claim. Though, some of the security and priority rules may be the same or similar.

This resource looks like it might be helpful, though: Rent to own homes: how it works. And, while this site seems to be pretty down on the prospects of a rent to own situation, it should have some relevant info as well: Know Your Rights: Rent-to-Own in Washington State.

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