Do I need a lawyer and construction waiver signed by all subs, suppliers and vendors?

8 months ago

Having a home built in Florida by a very reputable builder but they aren’t supplying lien waivers for the subs, parts suppliers and various vendors so I am wondering if I need a lawyer to get the waivers or ?

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Do you need a lawyer to collect lien waivers on a job in Florida?  No, you do not.  Can a lawyer help you?  Yes.

In Florida, getting a lien waiver from you contractors should be pretty straight-forward, and if you’re not getting waivers, you should definitely be paying attention to that. Here is a guide that may help you understand how to collect waivers and who you need them from:  How To Handle Requesting & Tracking Lien Waivers.

And you can actually make tracking and requesting lien waivers easy for free with Levelset.  Click here to request a free lien waiver from your contractor.

An attorney is not a requirement to get lien waivers, but if you’re having trouble, the cost of an attorney to help you with this will be way less expensive than running into a problem later. Here is a list of some Florida construction attorneys who can help.

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