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Contractor put false invalid information and dates on lien ( because he was too late/over the 120 days ) to file it.


I had an insurance roof claim for hail damage and reroof. I hired a contractor because one I felt sorry for him and also because to get the job, he offered to do FREE handyman work for me. He asked me what I needed done, and being 60 and 5 major spine surgeries, what needs done at my old house is alot. I kept asking what he meant, what type things. I said I need deck boards replaced ( large deck and I can only afford to get a few done a year ), need painting on 2 sides of the taller part of my house, needed a microwave removed and new attached to cupboard and a bunch of medium/ small trees cut down. He said I'll do all of it ! I was shocked, needless to say and of course thrilled. And untrusting until he handed me 2 blank contracts, one for the roof job almost $19,000 job, and one for FREE handyman work. He told me to put everything mentioned I need done on the FREE handyman contract and said put 0$s on amount owed. I did. The roof. A nightmare. Many issues, rained on bare stripped roof decking, didnt dry out, ice water shield not adhered wavy and tons of staples used to TRY to get it to lay flatter but areas still look bad, underlayment rippled, rained hard the whole night after 2nd crew 2nd day of roofing. I got up the next morning to find the contractor himself and 2 guys frantically working. I asked what they were doing and he said 'ridge cap". Evidently the ridge cap was left not done and it had poured rain all night without it I have soooo many new horrible problems here since he roof was done ( end of last august ). He did replace deck boards and had a guy paint 2 sides of the tall part of the house. The other free handyman work I didnt ask him to do it because I was grateful for what he did and I needed him to address and fix all the roofing issues. Every time I mentioned them he got angry. He thought by doing the deck and painting she will let the roof problems go and forget them. I believe some are serious issues. new icedams over the house where ridge cap was left over night with rained, one of them massive, it was like a giant block. Ive never had ice dams in 33 years since house built and had professionally weatherized and insulation added in 2010. The attic ceiling is black in what appeared to be the area where the hugest ice dam was. I have had a new terrible draft and odd smell all winter and my heat bills much higher than ever and its been a very mild winter. I have new orange on the ceiling around the upstairs bathroom exhaust fan, and have a stove exhaust fan vent that all this junk feel in from the roofers and is full still and I think the 2 flaps must be stuck open as I hear alot of rain coming in every time it rains. I can hear rain from the roof coming into the furnace in the basement every time it rains. I am worried about mold in the walls. Many more issues I have emailed and notified and told the contractor many times all the issues and every time I noticed a new issue. There are things in the roof Contract he did not do, He lied and breached the contract in several ways one was he said Avila Brothers would be the roof crew and they were not here, and they are listed on the release of liability and insurance documents he provided before hiring him. Insurance sent me the first half, check which I finally deposited and waited all fall and winter for the contractor to provide the workmanship warranty, receipts for roof material and shingle warranty as stated in he contract. He just emailed them end of Feb but workmanship warranty not filled out completely and so faded its not readable. Asked for readable hard copy and he went and just filed a lien dated Feb 26th 2021. He put did "deck", roof, etc and date STARTED Aug 19th 2020 ( correct ) and date last did improvements he put Nov 6, 2020 ( which is incorrect ) He basically used the last date his guy was here doing FREE handyman work painting. He used false information ( listed roof and also listed some of the handyman work free contract stuff, and used the Nov 6th date because it had been over 120 days for filing a lien.+ I waited since last august for issues to be addressed. Then snow came and temps and nothing could be done. The contract has things not done in it and it also states all damages caused by contractor to be repaired or replaced. Payment in full when everything above listed is done. He hasnt been paid anything yet. I have no intentions of keeping the insurance money. My adjuster is coming 4/19 to look at the roof and make sure everything in the claim is done. And I suppose if it is will release the 2nd check. I believe I have serious issues here caused by the roofers. I have lien now that contractor put invalid information on.

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