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How do I get out of my construction contract. My family fell on hard time and I am trying to terminate my home remodel contract. What do I need to do to get out of the contract.

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May 12, 2020
This question hinges upon the specific terms of your agreement. I know that times are tough, but if this contract is for a considerable sum, you need to reach out to an attorney to assist you, and if need be, negotiate this issue, on your behalf. It will cost money, but it will provide you the opportunity to avoid a considerable judgment against you and/or a lien being place on your home. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. No one could have seen this coming.
May 13, 2020
Hello, Terminating a contract depends on what the contract terms are regarding termination. If the terms are vague, one should try to adhere to the terms as closely as possible, with the understanding that the vagueness of the terms may leave some aspects open to interpretation. If the contract does not address termination at all, let the contractor know as soon as possible, preferably in writing, that you want to terminate the contract. You need to discuss the return of any funds with the contractor. The deposit may cover materials, expenses, lost profits, or other costs that you may not know about, and that the contractor may be entitled to those funds. If the contract or deposit was for a considerable amount it is probably best to have an attorney look over the contract and advise the best way to negotiate the issue and let you know what your options are. Thank you, Courtney E. Stricklen Lead Senior Associate Attorney 8431 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024 Tel: (713) 715-7334 CStricklen@TheCromeensLawFirm.com www.TheCromeensLawFirm.com Privileged Attorney-Client Communication and/or Attorney Work Product: The above message and attachments, if any, are confidential and may be protected by the attorney/client privilege and/or attorney work product. The unauthorized disclosure, use, dissemination or copying of this e-mail, or any information it contains, by anyone other than the intended recipient, is prohibited. If you are not the named recipient, or have otherwise received this communication in error, delete it immediately and notify the sender at the office number listed above or by return email.

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