Client refuses to pay for services rendered

9 months ago

Hello my name is Rubi.
My question is I did some hoarder cleaning for a friend of my moms and then she wanted me to organize her 3 storage units and turn one of her bedrooms into a craft room/ office / TV room. Well I completed everything and she has paid me at the end of the weeks but for other jobs she asked me to do she has not paid me for and for the last 2 weeks of work also. She is refusing to pay me what’s she owes me. Her reason ….. she has paid me way to much already I filed a small claims then she told me she had a legal adviser and we should meet she mislead me in to a meeting with her paid attorney if I would have known I would have had legal assistance with me either way on day of court her attorney was there early talking to judge and even before court time my case was dismissed. So now what do I do. She owes me more than $10,000.00

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I’m really sorry to hear about that. Considering this dispute is quite far along, the amounts in play here, and considering there’s already been one judgment in place regarding the matter, it would be wise to find and consult with your own attorney regarding the matter. They’ll be able to review your situation and the judgment and determine how best to move forward in collecting the debt.

Further, note that if there was no hearing on the matter, it’d be surprising if the case was dismissed with prejudice – meaning, there should be an opportunity to make another attempt at recovery. Though, there are limits to how many claims can be made in small claims court in a given year – and it’s possible those limitations might impact what recovery options will be on the table.

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