Can you file liens in USVI (St Croix)

8 months ago

We did work on a disaster response contract under Aecom and one under Aptim and we are still owed around 230k under Aecom and 160k under Aptim.
We did repairs to st Croix residents homes.

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Construction businesses who provide work, labor, or materials to a project in the US Virgin Islands will generally be entitled to mechanics lien rights, much like work performed in any US state. Note, though, that where a contactor or owner has obtained a payment bond for the project, the ability to file a mechanics lien claim may be limited. For more on mechanics liens in the USVI: US Virgin Islands Mechanics Lien Guide and FAQs.

As for whether Levelset offers a mechanics lien product in the US Virgin Islands: Note that the Expert Center isn’t intended to discuss Levelset products, services, and offerings, and that’s a better question for the Levelset Support team, which you can reach under the “Company” section at the bottom of this page.

But, with that being said: Levelset users may file mechanics liens in the US Virgin Islands with the assistance of the Levelset software platform.

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