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Who is the subcontractor? K&B HOME AND LAND PRESERVATION. I'm the owner . Who is the general contractor or the contractor above them? A company out of Florida. (SOUTHERNCAT IS ABOVE THEM). Which company are you with? K&B HOME AND LAND PRESERVATION (SUB CONTRACTOR FOR the Florida/company). What kind of project is this? DEMOLITION/HURRICANE LAURA. Which lien waiver was sent? subcontracts supplies or service providers conditional waiver of lien, Agreement for Indemnification. Contractors payment affidavit as of Sept 29, 2020. no one is responding after forms was filled out. How would NOI and threat of legal action help us as company? do I have to filed them in Florida where the company is from? It say that in the original contract....we are in Texas. Do I need to contact the actual owner of the property?

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