Can the notice to owner include multiple properties or do I have to send out 1 notice for each?

7 months ago

I am getting ready to send a notice to owner regarding a large project that involves one owner and 80 properties (addresses). We were hired as sub contractors to install ac units at these properties. Can the notice include multiple properties (since it is the same owner / project) or do I have to send out 1 notice for each address, thus sending 80 notices? If that is the case, can 80 notices be sent in one big certified envelope (containing 80 separate notice to owners?

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In the state of Florida, a Notice to Owner is crucial to secure lien rights. As far as how to send one if working on multiple properties, the is not an uncommon question. In fact, we’ve written an entire article on it.

However, here’s the general rule. If the work covers more than one property and they are all owned by the same owner, and there is only one prime contractor; then one NTO will be sufficient to secure lien rights. And it stands to reason, that if a payment problem arises, one mechanics lien claim will be sufficient to cover the entire demand.

For further information you should our CEO Scott Wolfe Jr. wrote a great article: Florida’s Notice to Owner – How to Prepare & Send Your NTO

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