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Can the County be sued for acting outside of it's authority?


We have a dispute with our county. We bought a modular home which is regulated by the State of Alabama. We put the modular home atop of a basement. We had submitted to the county "future plans" for our basement. The county has refused to allow power to the modular part of the home until the "future plans" was 100% complete. Now that we have completed our "future plans" and have passed our plumbing, electrical and building inspections for the basement the county is still refusing to allow power to the home. My only guess is that we have an LP gas fireplace in the modular home that is yet to be connected. However, we do have the permit and the modular is supposed to be regulated by the State. I fail to see how not having gas is a reason to withhold power. How is it any different than when someone comes in later and installs a fireplace? And how is our home different from the many thousands of homes built without a completed basement? It's my opinion that the county is acting 1. outside of it's authority and jurisdiction and 2. even if within it's authority it's acting in an arbitrary and capricious manner by allowing site built homes access to permanent power and having uncompleted basements while forcing us to have a completed basement. The field inspectors all say that the house has been ready for power and that the "office" is acting outside of it's authority. I have had no problems with field inspectors. This has cost our family tens of thousands of dollars by forcing us to make two house payments, forcing us to pay for construction that was outside of our loan, forcing our family to live apart, forcing our family to drive an extra two hours to work everyday for nearly a year. And now that all is complete the county still refuses to release our home for power.

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