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Can my licensed contractor ask me to pay for items not in contract?

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Anonymous contractor
Oct 17, 2020

I hired a licensed contractor for some renovation work. He said he will do 3 items of work for free as part of his job and this is something he offers all his clients. So I opted for replacing kitchen sink, vanity and a floor patch. He said he will only do 2 and will give change order for kitchen sink. I agreed and I got change order for the sink. Now after the contract is completed he says he never said that and I strong armed him to get those 2 done. He was working at my place for 5 months and the 2 were done 4 months ago. I am not even sure how I strong armed him and how I could've stopped him from giving me a change order. He had the option of stopping the work if I didn't sign the change order. He sends a change order after all the work is done. He also lists items like painting the walls in the bedrooms he had to work. They painted half the wall and I asked them to paint at least that 1 wall completely if not the remaining 3 or 4 walls. If they didn't want to do it, they could've said so before doing the work. Now he says I demanded all these and more such items. Being a single woman, I have faced this bullying few times. I would like to know if I need to pay someone for any work that was performed that is not part of change order or original contract (and work that was never refused by them and as per me was part of finishing their job properly).

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