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Can I sue for non payment?

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Anonymous contractor
Sep 22, 2020

Im a sub of a sub and the sub is saying they have not been paid so they will not pay me. Its a lot of money 25k, can I sue for it?

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Anonymous contractor
Sep 22, 2020

You can sue to recover for nonpayment, but I can't be sure how successful your claims will be without knowing several more facts, and probably reviewing the contract in play. What is most critical right now is that you send the requesite lien notices to preserve your lien rights on the project. Look into this TODAY. Sub-sub contractors have to send their first lien notice before the 15th day of the second month following the month that the work is performed in. That is not a lot of time. You case gets much stronger if you preserve your lien rights. I do recoment hiring a service or attorney to assist you in sending your lien notices and filing your lien if you are not familiar with that process.

If you are in need of an attorney to review your case, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. 

Very best,

Ben House




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