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Can i put a lien on a company after 90 days?

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Unpaid balance. Completed work for a company 85 days ago. This job was sub out to me. There are 4 more unpaid ones this one hit 85 days.

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Jun 26, 2018
Good question! First, it's worth noting that preliminary notice may have been required. Specifically, parties not under direct contract with the owner must provide a Notice to Owner in Washington. Note, though, that sub-tier claimants merely furnishing labor do not need to send a Washington preliminary notice. However, if there is any material component to the contract or furnishing, preliminary notice is required to protect your full mechanics lien rights. Anyway, regarding the time to file a lien: A Washington "Claim of Lien” must be filed within 90 days from the date services, labor, or materials were last furnished to the project. Liens filed after this deadline are void. To be sure, the "last furnishing date" refers to the last time a claimant provides labor or material, pursuant to their contract, to a given project. Of course, this is only a deadline - a lien can (and should) be filed much earlier, if necessary. This includes when a claimant's work on a project is ongoing.
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