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Can I file a lien by mail in Texas?

TexasMechanics Lien

I know I can have the paperwork notarized outside of Texas but I was wondering if I can then mail it in to have the lien filed or does someone need to do it in person?

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Feb 14, 2019
The rules and requirements surrounding Texas mechanics lien and notice law are exceedingly complex and hard to grasp. In fact, Texas courts themselves even note that the "numerous changes in the constitutional and statutory provisions pertaining to mechanics' liens" and the court cases interpreting these rules "is not a model of clarity."

That being said, though, whether a mechanics lien must be personally hand-delivered to the county for recording is pretty straightforward. The short answer is: "No"

A properly formatted and executed mechanics lien may be delivered to the appropriate recorder's office via mail, personal delivery, courier, fed-ex or other delivery service, or in many counties, electronically recorded.

It's always unfortunate when a lien is required in order to get paid, but I hope you are successful in getting what you've earned.
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