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can i charge the owner for the fee that i will pay to lien

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need to know about fee

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Jul 5, 2019
Great question. In Texas, only amounts that relate to the work that's been performed but not paid for can be included in a filed lien claim. Of course, it's possible for a court to award costs and fees to a successful claimant if the lien must ultimately be enforced down the line. Further, if settlement talks take place, a claimant can always try and have their customer and/or the property owner pay for the cost of filing the lien, in addition to other amounts owed. But, on the face of the lien, filing costs cannot be included.

For more background on Texas' mechanics lien rules, here are some great resources:
(1) Texas Mechanics Lien Overview
(2) How to File a Texas Mechanics Lien
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