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Can I appeal mechanics lien

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A fabricator cut my 3000 slab the wrong size. Now they have sent a notice of intent to file a lien. They only fabricated. They did not install. I was not allowed to inspect prior to delivery

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Nov 21, 2020

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you have incurred. Mechanics liens are typically powerful tools that get construction industry participants paid, yet like any tool they can be abused. Property owners or other parties may need to take steps to have an insufficient lien removed. There are multiple options you may pursue when a lien is filed against your property. Three of the most common options include: 

1. Immediately dispute the lien

2. Force the claimant to file suit to enforce the lien in a shorter period 

3. Just wait it out 

You likely need to contact a Nevada construction attorney to move forward. Good luck! 

Nov 21, 2020
Thank you!

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