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Can a lien be placed 5 days after job completion

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I'm in Alabama. A roofing company damaged my rain gutters. They have an employee with previous experience installing rain gutters. They said they would repair the gutters. The roof was completed in November 2020, however, the gutters were just repaired in February 2021. They have not asked for payment due to repair work needing to be done. They asked for the balance to be paid the day the gutters were repaired. I explained to them that I had unexpected car trouble come up and had to use some of the money I had set aside for them. I told them I could pay part of the balance now and the rest by the end of the month. I have been told that I have 5 days to pay the balance or they will place a lien on my home. Is this legal?

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Feb 3, 2021

If they have performed all work for the agreed upon price; and it is not defective, then yes they can file a lien when the account becomes due. Normally an account does not become due however until 30 days after work complete......you'll have to examine your terms/agrement with the contractor.


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