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Can a handyman file a mechanics lien

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In Oregon state law allows an unlicensed handyman to perform work, if the total of labor and materials is under $1000 for one project. If I do this I would want to know if I could still file a mechanics lien if needed. A contractor must give a client a Notice of Intent to Lien at the start of a job, but since the small handyman is unlicensed would still still be proper? Seems like it would be, since a lien is a lien. However I would like to clear this question up.

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Nov 10, 2017
In Oregon, "[a]ny person performing labor upon, transporting or furnishing any material to be used in, or renting equipment used in the construction of any improvement shall have a lien upon the improvement . . . " provided certain requirements are met. Unlicensed handymen, provided they are performing work allowed to be performed without a license, (less than $1,000, involving work that is minor or inconsequential, and not advertising as a contractor) may file a lien. Otherwise, a license is required to file a mechanics lien in Oregon.

Oregon has two different notice requirements, depending on tier. A notice of right to lien is required to be sent by all lien claimants who do not have a direct contract with the owner. This notice is due within 8 days of starting work. In the event that the party does have a direct contract with the property owner, an information notice to owner is required to be given when the contract is (or becomes) greater than $2000 - which is not applicable;e to handyman work.
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