Can a contract file a lien?

5 days ago

I have a contractor that finished work on March 9th 2020 and sent his final invoice. After our walk through on March 17th, there were several punch list items that needed to be corrected. In particular, touch up on grout in the floor, touch up paint where he left dirty hand prints, refrigerator and dishwasher was not plugged in and cabinet doors rubbing when opening and closing. This work was completed on 7/8 but still not to our satisfaction. I tried to work with the contract to reduce his fee but he becomes belligerent threatens me with a lien and hangs ups. I have attempted to contact him twice but not luck. Has his window to file a lien expired? What do I need to do to protect myself. Also, he charged 7% Florida sales tax on the entire invoice. Is that legal?

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Project Role: Owner
Project Type: Residential
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