can a class c be in violation of workimg without a 2nd class c license

8 months ago

So a class c hvac licensed contractor did rain gutters without a license in rain.gutters and was sued civically. The plaintiff without knowing that the contractor didn’t fully disclose his full classified license didn’t get a full judgement and work was over $500. Is this contractor in violation of being truely unlicensed and did work over $500. I look at this like a licensed mechanic can’t be a licensed hairdresser without having 2 seperate educations and licenses. The contractor should. Be prosecuted on work without being properly licensed correct? Also this is not a general contractor

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First, I’ll admit that the details of California’s licensing requirements aren’t my specialty – so reaching out to a California attorney (such as one of these California Construction Payment Experts) might provide some additional clarity.

But, to be sure: There are separate licensure requirements for those who perform HVAC work (C-20) and those who work with sheet metal (C-43), such as metal rain gutters. And, as you may know, California takes its licensing requirements very seriously – so it’s entirely possible that a failure to hold the correct license for the work being performed could result in a claimant losing their ability to recover a judgment.

For more CA license basics: California Contractors License and the CSLB: Understanding the Rules.

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