Can a 3rd party file a mechanics lien

4 months ago

Can a 3rd party file a mechanics lien, if the 3rd party finances the insurance property deductible to the original contractor, so the construction work can be done. I am not performing any physical work or providing any material. The homeowner needs to cover an insurance deductible before the contractor starts the job at the property, however the homeowner does not have the money, I lend the money to the contractor under a contract so he can start the work. If the homeowner does not cover the monthly payment agree upon the contract. Can I file a mechanics line? under what figure?

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Project Role: Other
Project Type: Residential
Attorney E. Aaron Cartwright III, Attorney At Law
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Under Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code, the third party cannot file a lien on the property because they were not the ones to do work or provide material.

The contractor can file a lien for work performed or material provided and assign the right to enforce the lien to a third party.

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