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Builder cancelled my contract

North Carolina

I purchased a modular home at the end of January 2021. The manufacturer wants to cancel the contract due to shortage of materials and cost of materials at this time. The contract doesn't say anything about having the right to for the manufacturer to cancel. The only thing that I see is the right to make changes to the model, design or accessories. I've sold my home and my furniture. My belongings are in boxes and now I don't have a home coming :( Isn't this breach of contract? What can I do? They have now offered me a home that is 100 sq ft smaller for the same price with no upgrades. I had about $6K in upgrades plus a $3K engineering fee in the original price. The engineered plan will no longer be needed with the smaller model. Although the contract price will remain the same, the whole thing equates to $13K more for a smaller home with no upgrades allowed.

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