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Vivian Bell

Levelset is a great option for materials financing if you need more time between purchasing materials and receiving payments.”

Vivian Bell, Accountant at Mesh

Get materials now. Pay when you get paid.

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  • Work with any supplier
  • Get approved within 48 hours
  • Qualify for pay discounts
  • Take on more business

Vivian can empower her company to take on new jobs without waiting for customer payments.

Vivian Bell

I think it’s awesome that we get 120-day payment terms with Levelset, because sometimes it can be 45 or even 60 days before we get payment from the customer.”

Vivian Bell, Accountant at Mesh

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Answer a few questions to find out how much financing you can get for your materials purchases.*

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  • Your jobs automatically prequalify
  • You get a trade line of credit that grows with your business
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Financing and payment protection go hand in hand

When you finance materials on a job with Levelset, we also ensure that your lien rights on that job are protected in case you run into payment problems.

  • Protected payments
  • Critical deadline tracking
  • Standardized paperwork templates
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The Levelset team was great in making sure our application was reviewed in a timely manner. They communicate with us regularly and follow up numerous times with our vendors. It has been a really smooth process.”

Vivian Bell, Accountant at Mesh
Vivian Bell
Accountant at Mesh
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