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Wright Brothers Construction (TN) for Subcontractors

This page lists all the steps for subcontractors needed to work with Wright Brothers Construction (TN). This includes how to get paid, the subcontractor prequalification process, finding open bidding opportunities, and the forms you should send on the job.

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        By far the worst construction company. They are doing a project by my house. I work in the same field as they do. I know what the state requires and they are consistently allowing the workers to be non compliant with standard operating procedures. It is apparent when driving through the project the foreman have no idea how to do their jobs. There is all kinds of debris left in the road and along the shoulder where cars can hit it. They have ruined wolftever creek in Collegedale by allowing workers to wash debris from road directly into the stream and not maintaining their erosion stuff. When it rains you can walk the area and see all the material from the job site eroding into the creek. It is apparent there is no oversight for this job. Everyone involved should be retrained. Including everyone from the state that allows it to continue. I filed a complaint and they lied to the state to make me look bad it feels. They are not professionals. I would not recommend them for any sort of work.

          6 days ago
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