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Walsh Group is typically a General Contractor who has worked on 323 jobs in the last 12 months according to available project information. Learn more about Walsh Group's recent projects, reviews from other contractors, and general payment terms below.

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On average, 17 companies rated Walsh Group with mostly constructive feedback on past and ongoing construction projects.

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The Walsh Group aka Archer Western is horrible to work for and they will not pay you. They will try to find any reason possible not to pay you. Kevin Ballog and Marty Williamson could not tell the truth if they had too. Archer Western/Walsh Group will lie, steal, and cheat a subcontractor out of whatever they possibly can for their own gain. Stay away from them and google search them and include lawsuits; make a decision for yourself.

  a month ago

Do not work for Walsh! They do not pay! They blame all of their mismanagement on the subs. They couldn't coordinated their way out of a paper bag! They low ball all of their bids to get work then steal the money from the subs to stay in business. Crooks!

  3 months ago

Never again. Most dishonest group of individuals and never to be trusted. Be warned.

  6 months ago
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Walsh Group's Project and Payment History
Bottom 25%Large companies

Walsh Group has worked on 323 jobs in the last 12 months. Subs and vendors reported being paid on-time on 95% of projects. This contractor scores a B for payment and ranks in the bottom 25% of large U.S. contractors.

Slow payment reported (90+ days) for Commercial project in La Porte, Texas


6 days ago

Work worth:

Over $60,000

Slow payment reported (90+ days) for Commercial project in Dallas, Texas


6 days ago

Work worth:

Over $1,000

Mechanics Lien filed at 4221 Bon Homes Richard St, Mayport, FL 32233

Claimant not directly hired by GC

Lien filed on:


Lien value:


Property Owner:

Us Navy Naval Facilities Engineering Command Navfac Southeast

General Contractor:

Walsh Group

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About Walsh Group

Headquarters Address

929 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone Number

(312) 492-0600

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Walsh Group Project and Payment Info

Payment Score80 / 100
Bottom 25%Large companies

Compared to other contractors' pay history, Walsh Group's payment score is B.

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Key Payment Steps and Software

Preliminary Notice

Always send

Walsh Group uses Levelset for preliminary notices. Send Preliminary Notice

Lien Waivers

Always Exchange

Walsh Group uses Levelset for exchanging lien waivers. Exchange a waiver

Typical Contract Terms


Usually 5% retainage in Washington. See typical retainage by State for Walsh Group.

Payment Terms

Others typically said they were paid on invoice from Walsh Group. See what were common payment terms.

Days to Payment

Typical days to payment not yet collected for Walsh Group.

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