U.S. Contractors with big liens filed against them in the last 30 days.

See the biggest liens filed in the last 30 days in the United States and the general contractors on the project where the lien was filed. On this page you can find the list of contractors responsible for large liens and their payment profiles to see their payment history, ratings, reviews, and more. Contractors’ payment history can help you better understand how to work with these contractors and make sure you get paid. Are you experiencing slow or non payment on a job? File a Mechanics Lien to help you get paid. Slow or non-payment is a problem on construction jobs all over the U.S. and mechanics liens are a powerful tool to help contractors get paid. Almost half of U.S. contractors have to pay for supplies and labor before they are ever paid and 75% of contractors want more visibility into how others are being paid on jobs and payment terms according to the 2019 National Construction Payment Report.

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