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Smart Communication Systems for Subcontractors

This page lists all the steps for subcontractors needed to work with Smart Communication Systems. This includes how to get paid, the subcontractor prequalification process, finding open bidding opportunities, and the forms you should send on the job.

Subcontractor Prequalification and Bid for Work

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    Forms at Start or During Job

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      How to Get Paid

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      Need Progress Pay for Completed work
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      Finished Job and Need Final Payment
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        EXTREMELY SLOW, it took over a year!! We had to initiate legal proceedings. The President, Pavel Ovidiu Pop Buia, did not communicate with us until we hired an attorney to initiate legal proceedings. Even so, he continued to extend the legal process, making us jump thru hoops, spending a ton of money and time, including demanding we produce a Lien Release BEFORE he paid us the $99,229.80 outstanding invoice even AFTER we had already signed a Notarized Conditional Lien Release Waiver. Complete JERKS!! Do not work for this company again!!

          a year ago
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