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83 / 100
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Next Century Partners is typically a Property Owner / Public Entity who has worked on 13 jobs in the last 12 months according to available project information. Learn more about Next Century Partners's recent projects, reviews from other contractors, and general payment terms below.

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Next Century Partners has worked on 13 jobs in the last 12 months. Subs and vendors reported being paid on-time on 92% of projects. This contractor scores a B for payment and ranks in the top 70% of small U.S. contractors.

Mechanics Lien filed on 11/18/2020 at 2025 & 2029 Avenue Of The Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Active | Lien Value of $477,097.30 | Claimant not directly hired by GC

Job Details
Property Owner: Next Century Partners
General Contractor: Webcor Builders
Others on the Job
CSI Electrical Contractors Jpmorgan Chase And Company
Climatec Us Bank
Main Electric Cons Elec Dist Lancaster

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Payment Score
83 / 100

Compared to other contractors' pay history, Next Century Partners' payment Score is B.

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