Contractors working in Texas - How they pay

Looking for contractors in Texas? On this page, learn more about contractors in Texas and how they pay their customers. This includes ratings and reviews of Texas contractors, their lien and payment warning history, and a contractors level of risk of slow payment relative to other contractors in Texas. Read about what other contractors and suppliers said about a specific contractor and their experience getting paid for the work they did. Before you start your next job, research contractors in Texas below so you know what to expect from that contractor, how they pay, the terms they ask for on projects, recent liens and claims sent to them, and if they have a history of not paying their contractors on time. You can compare different contractors in Texas to understand who are the slow payers and fast payers. Knowing what to expect before starting a new job will help you set your contract terms and know what documents you can expect to exchange, including preliminary notices and lien waivers. Planning for payment will help avoid potential payment disputes or non-payment during the project. Below, you can search for specific contractors you’re looking for or sort contractors by their payment rating, number of recent liens, the documents they exchange, or see lists of contractors working in specific cities in Texas.

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