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Looking for contractors in Charleston for a new construction job? On this page you can learn more about contractors in Charleston and how they pay their customers. You can find a Charleston contractors ratings and reviews, their lien and payment history, and the level of risk of slow payment compared to other contractors. Planning for payment ahead of a new job with a Charleston contractor can help you speed up payment because you know what to expect before the job. You can set specific payment terms if you know a contractor may be a slow payer, know what specific documents a contractor may want or expect from you such as a preliminary notice at the start of the job or a lien waiver when payment is made, and more. Below, you can search for specific contractors you’re looking for or sort contractors by their payment rating, number of recent liens, the documents they exchange, or see lists of contractors working in specific cities in Tennessee. You can choose a specific contractor to learn about others’ opinions about how they pay and any recent payment disputes.

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By far the worst construction company. They are doing a project by my house. I work in the same field as they do. I know what the state requires and they are consistently allowing the workers to be non compliant with standard operating procedures. It is apparent when driving through the project the foreman have no idea how to do their jobs. There is all kinds of debris left in the road and along the shoulder where cars can hit it. They have ruined wolftever creek in Collegedale by allowing work[...] Learn more