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United Construction| General Contractor

Payment Score78 / 100

United Construction is a General Contractor based in Reno, California. They’ve worked on 82 projects based on available information. On this page you can find reviews, job history, office information, and more to ensure successful projects together.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reno General Contractors

How many General Contractors are there in Reno ?

There is 1 GCs in Reno. If you are a property / developer owner looking for a GC for a project, it’s important to look at a GCs past payment history and reputation as a project partner. Choosing the right GC could be the difference between a lien filed on the project due to slow pay or a successful project where all companies are paid quickly and fairly.

How many projects have Reno General Contractors worked in the last 12 months?

There have been approximately 82 projects General Contractors have worked on in Reno in the last 12 months based on available construction data.

How can I check reviews of a Reno General Contractor?

There are several different review sites to check for reviews about GCs you’re thinking about working with. You can browse Levelset’s Payment Profiles to find reviews from other construction companies to understand how a GC pays their vendors, their job reputation, and how good they are as a project partner. Checking reviews of GCs are important and could save you time, money, and most importantly remove stress from slow or non-payment. If you know anyone who could share their experience working with a specific GC, be sure to share their profile link and get their perspective.

What is the Levelset Payment Score and why is it important to check a GCs payment score?

The Levelset Payment score is a comprehensive review of a general contractor’s payment reputation and performance. The score looks at a company’s past jobs, size of jobs, recency of jobs, number of project partners they’ve worked with, instances of payment or slow payment, the types of documents being exchanged, and more. You can sort the companies in this Reno GC list to find the highest performing GCs near you.