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E.A. Falcon Co. Falcon Construction LIC 959880 30767 Gateway Place, Suite 208 Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694 We hired E.A. Falcon to manage our project from its commencement to its completion. We trusted Eric Falcon to act as a direct extension of us, the homeowners... to be responsible for planning, leading, executing and supervising with his "expertise & knowledge", and to keep the project on the appropriate timeline. We signed a SIX DIGIT contract with E.A. Falcon to alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with a construction project, and instead we have been left with more stress, more anxiety and problem after problem. Mr. Falcon refuses to take any accountability for the poor workmanship issues stemming from the neglectful manner of his business and repeatedly declines to disclose the information on his insurance on the grounds that, if his back office worker (Michelle Mueller) doesn't agree, it's "fraud". We are a family of five with young children and E.A. Falcon has abandoned the work on our project for MONTHS leaving us all in a highly inappropriate living condition. We have paid E.A. Falcon well over 75% of the total contract amount and don't even have drywall up! This project started in Jun of last year and we were told it would be receiving finishing touches in late Aug... we are now into the new year and no one has stepped foot onto our property to do any new work since Oct. of LAST YEAR. We had to open an investigation with the CSLB, as E.A. Falcon continues to demand more money by illicitly adding CO after CO on past work. The facts to date is that Mr. Falcon took our money and refuses to do the work they were paid to do until we agree to sign their documents, that indebts us, to pay them beyond our contracted amount. The unconscionable behavior of Mr. Falcon is inconceivable as laws have clearly been broken and we have unmistakably been victimized. There are plenty of good, honest and ethical contractors out there and I don't wish this experience onto anyone.

  4 months ago

Stay as far away from this company as you possibly can. They use their subs to finance their projects, and then they string them along for 50 to 60 days before paying them. If you attempt to lien their projects they call it a breach of contract and refuse to pay at all. Terrible GC to work for...

  4 months ago

Warning!!!!! Don't ever work with this Company, they Don't Pay their Subs

  8 months ago

They owe money to lots of subcontractors and don't pay, don't answer phones, don't respond to emails

  8 months ago

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