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19 other subs and suppliers have reviewed their experience with ESI Construction for an average of 2.3 stars out of 5. 12 also included specific feedback. Read about their experience, what they enjoyed, and the constructive feedback they wanted to share.

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On average, 19 companies rated ESI Construction with mostly constructive feedback on past and ongoing construction projects.






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Very slow to pay. They use a pay portal and docs sent over do not get approved right away so they use that to hold up payment. Extremely frustrating to work with.

  a month ago

They stall their payments by any means possible. Contracts are lengthy, wordy and easy to miss important clauses for nonpayment.

  a month ago

Very slow in paying subcontractors Just a hassle to do business with.

  8 months ago

Very one sided contract and they request for bonding and personal guarantees. Contract provides too many opportunities for ESI to withhold subcon's payments and claim default. Example, withholding payment for failure to provide supplier lists.

  10 months ago

Their payment process was somewhat convoluted, but we mostly got paid in a reasonable amount of time.

  11 months ago

Unreasonable and Lawsuit Happy. We broke our back to only have rug pulled out underneath us at the end. We were distracted and challenged every step of the way. Not only were we not payed for contracted work 57 thousand dollars they then sued us and settled out of court for 15 grand for breach of contract When i feel they breached contract. Its been a battle every since stiffed by these guys to stay afloat.

  a year ago


  a year ago

they never paid me then sued me causing further damage nearly bankrupting my small business and destroyed my credit to stay alive. I would not work for this company ever again. Beware they are good at seeing fault in everything you do and breach contract and blame you for it..

  a year ago

Payment process was fast and easy. Never a problem.

  a year ago

Very slow pay and dispute the amounts of Change Orders when the estimate was approved. Suddenly the amount is different in GC Pay and the sub can't change it!

  a year ago

Excellent payer, no complaints at all, highly recommended when it comes to payment.

  a year ago

I would avoid this company at ALL costs! We worked with them a few years back. Payments were extremely delayed and they tried to renegotiate agreed upon extras, AFTER work was done. Their PM's and the whole company in general are totally one sided, with no regard for their subs. To further that thought, their contract comes with a 2 page personal guarantee, which we refused to sign. We've been in business 35+ years as a corporation and do NOT sign personal guarantees. Our crew overheard ESI people bragging that the company has acted on those personal guarantees and taken subs houses away on multiple occasions. HIGHLY recommend NOT working with this GC!

  2 years ago

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