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Openly lied about payments being processed. Only found the truth by calling their central office and contacting the school district who provided proof that they had released payments to Crossland

  5 months ago

They are very shady with their contract. Read it thoroughly. Paid slow, and do not trust their superintendents. I would never work with them again. It seemed like they were always trying to screw someone. I guess it was mainly the subs.

  11 months ago

Our contracts have a "pay when paid" clause. In instances where the owner of the project is paying the GC promptly, there is a quick turnaround in receiving our payment. On those projects were the owner is slow pay, GC is very responsive with status payment updates. Overall very good experience working with Crossland.

  a year ago

Very slow pay. Moves money from one job to another. Bunch of crooks. We have liens on multiple jobs of theirs.

  a year ago

a little slow

  a year ago

Their payment process is very slow and I feel like they are crooks and they breach their contract the way they pay.

  a year ago

Not a contractor we would ever work with again. The project management and field management are equally difficult to work with.

  a year ago

Before entering into a contract with Crossland to perform highly specialized services on a project, my company made very clear that we did not have the ability to perform without more frequent payments than specified in the contract. The Branch Manager, The Project Manager, and other members of Crossland's team confirmed they would issues payments on the schedule my company required to do the project. I relied on these assurances, without which I would have declined the project. We began our highly specialized work, and for 1-1/2 months Crossland paid as they had assured..every 2 weeks. During this time, they studied our work, constantly watching and taking note of our processes. Crossland then ceased paying as they had assured, without notifying me of their intention in advance. All communications assured that payment was coming soon. At 3 weeks without payment, we were no longer able to continue our highly specialized work at our progression rate up to that point. Crossland then sent a Notice of Termination of Contract for Convenience effectively terminating the contract and entitling my company to compensation applied for up to that point (nearly $100,000) and followed that transmission later the same day, unprompted, with a 36-hour Notice to Cure ordering progress to continue or that contract would be terminated for cause. Crossland refused to pay thereafter the tens of thousands we are owed for completed work. Crossland did not hire a replacement contractor to perform the remainder of our contract's Scope of Work. Instead, Crossland performed the work with their own employees using the processes, techniques, and know how they gained solely by studying my company's processes and techniques that we innovated or learned from our own experience performing the highly specialized work. The result is that Crossland intentionally conspired to defraud my company out of what would have been a lucrative contract we had with them, a sum in excess of half a million dollars. My advice to anyone reading this attempting to assess their risk in working on a project with Crossland, is that for your benefit and reputation you refuse to work in any capacity with this criminal enterprise.

  a year ago

Payment was on time every month, we only had a hard time when it came to retention and that payment was over 90 days. Probably not the contractors fault

  2 years ago

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