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Brasfield & Gorrie LLC is typically a General Contractor who has worked on 1110 jobs in the last 12 months according to available project information. Learn more about Brasfield & Gorrie LLC's recent projects, testimonials from other contractors, and general payment terms below.


Our expertise is impressive. If you work with us, however, you’ll see very quickly that nothing we know is more impressive than who we are. We believe in acting with integrity, honoring our commitment...

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Brasfield & Gorrie LLC Testimonials

On average, 33 companies rated Brasfield & Gorrie LLC with mostly positive feedback on past and ongoing construction projects.

What other contractors are saying about Brasfield & Gorrie LLC's payment practices

How would you describe their payment process, speed, and policy?

I really like how this company insures all subs are paid. Too many times other large construction companies pay the main and don't worry about the subs on a project.

3 months ago

Payment is on time. Change order processing can be slow depending on PM.

2 years ago

We have a very good relationship with B&G. We were paid on time and most always have a good experience with them from precon to closeout.

3 years ago
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Job History

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Below you can find the job history overview of Brasfield & Gorrie LLC. Learn more about jobs Brasfield & Gorrie LLC has worked on by exploring the full job history.













Brasfield & Gorrie LLC has had 20 liens filed on projects this year and 69 in recent years.
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About Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

Headquarters Address

2635 Reynolda Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27106

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Brasfield & Gorrie LLC News

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Key Payment Steps and Software

Preliminary Notice

Always send

Brasfield & Gorrie LLC uses Levelset for preliminary notices. Send Preliminary Notice

Lien Waivers

Always Exchange

Brasfield & Gorrie LLC uses Levelset for exchanging lien waivers. Exchange a waiver

Typical Contract Terms


Usually 10% retainage in Georgia. See typical retainage by State for Brasfield & Gorrie LLC.

Payment Terms

Others typically said they were paid on invoice from Brasfield & Gorrie LLC. See what were common payment terms.

Days to Payment

Brasfield & Gorrie LLC typically pays in 31 - 60 days. This is self-reported by other contractors at the end of projects.

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